domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

in trafic

Yesterday we present the play "Em Trânsito", it was just so beautiful! Lisandro was shinning like a happy actor having such a fun with his work, we were all doing the play together, John, Mary and I with Lisandro. The images are so deep. At the end we invited the people to put the money they wanted at the hat, and each one of us own R$ 4,00 for the play. We just organized everything in place, and went out of the room. I got home so happy and sad, so wanting to smile and cry, it´s just not easy to be an artist, also it´s just so marvelous, ambiguous.
Leonardo Remor (the director of the short movie “Sobre Um Dia Qualquer”) went to see the play, and also my mother. She didn´t like it because was sad for her, for me the play is not just sad, it´s like everything, depends on your look, happy and sad at the same time, life.
Today I woke up again with my new neighbour screaming with her dad, she´s so angry, always screams and brakes things. And I felt my heart bored with that and then I came to the computer to look for the Miranda July website, Leonardo had told me about it. Miranda is a strong and sweet person, go look by yourself. Thank´s mom cause you have insisted for me to keep studing english when I was a child! Now I can understand Miranda, and she can understand me, in english.
Soon will be my birthday. I have such a wonderfull family and friends, thanks God because I have such a beautiful life. I feel like a flower at the sun, breathing deeply the warm air and light.

John, Lisandro and Mary

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